Our Bonsai Journey so far

Hiya, We are MiniGardens Bonsai NZ With 15+ years of practical NZ bonsai knowledge

Family-owned bonsai nursery since 2013. We are NZ largest commercial bonsai nursery, growing over 5,000 quality stock plants and most species available. All trees are grown in Wellington by bonsai artist Steven Yin (15+ years experience in bonsai and penjing)

Steven began his spiritual journey in Bonsai over a decade ago while studying multi media design, he travelled to many countries to learn from pioneers and have visited countless of bonsai nurseries in Japan, China & Indonesia. Steven's love for design and nature had led him pursuing a career in Bonsai. Steven was the ex-president of the Wellington Bonsai Club. A current committee for NZ Bonsai Association and Bonsai NZ Facebook community group.

In 2013, Steven and his wife Yulia started MiniGardens Bonsai Nursery in Wellington. It is now the largest Bonsai/Penjing nursery in New Zealand with most varieties and species , growing over 5,000 stock plants and more...

Steven actively teach the art of bonsai in his monthly Bonsai workshops in the Wellington region. Workshops are catered at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

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Bonsai 盆栽 | Penjing 盆景

Bonsai is a Japanese term for a dwarf potted tree, it derived from the Chinese Penjing which features a dwarf tree in shallow pot/tray including rocks and moss to mimick nature in miniature.