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Chinese Juniper is the symbol of longevity and good fortune, this variety is highly regarded in the world of bonsai. Extremely slow growing and produces great layers of thin bark as it gets older. Small scale like tight foliage is also a feature on this tree. This tree was raised as a bonsai since a young sapling and has reached a level of maturity that is highly reflecting an ancient juniper in the mountains. Compliment by a hexagon antique Chinese Zisha pot. 

PLEASE NOTE the pot that comes with this bonsai is an antique Chinese pot with a crack on the side, The crack is not extended into the drainage hole so it shouldn't cause further issue in the near future. 

Botanical Name: Juniperus chinensis

Approx Age: 50+

Size: 80cm H & 55cm W

Shipping Info: Your Bonsai tree will arrive potted in the ceramic pot as seen in the photo. Each order is packaged securely to ensure safe delivery. We ship our trees New Zealand wide.